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Geriatric Palliative Surgery

With our aging population, it has become increasingly important to focus as much on the non-surgical disease processes our geriatric and ailing patients have, as it is to focus on the surgical diseases themselves.


As a patient of Surgical Affiliates of NJ , you will be comforted to find the goal of their care is to guide you through the preoperative, operative and postoperative process with ease and understanding.

Our surgeons are established and adept at treating patients with organ failure. These patients, much like our Geriatric population have a myriad of medical conditions which need individualized attention and care.
With their combined experiences, our surgeons provide the excellence in care which his patients require. Along with your Primary Care and Medical Specialists, Our efficiently organizes the risk stratification and medical optimization you will need prior to surgery. Once effectively prepared you will then be safely taken through your procedure and onto recovery.

Post-procedure, our surgeons effectively communicates with care coordinators and social workers to assist with the rehabilitation required to get you through the full recovery process.

We understand the importance and role of your family during this process and they make it a point to be available to communicate your care during this process, should you desire.

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